Friday, 19 November 2010

2011: New Fleet of Friendlier Vehicles, New Vehicle Livery Job!

It is amazing how ones expectations and needs are constantly evolving in business; three years ago we purchased a very expensive fleet of Mercedes trucks and vans and since then the cost of fuel has gone through the roof and logistics are now at the forefront of cost savings, Mercs not being the most fuel efficient rolling stock.

We have learnt to work smarter and more cost efficient during these dark years and therefore cost base is everything in the current climate, from staffing levels to fuel consumption we have left no stone unturned in developing our business into a truly twenty first century set up.

At Signcraft, we're a dab hand
at large banners and wraps.
Abseiling is a regular thrill
for our multi-talented staff!
Just before the crash we were considering purchasing our own aerial access platform, now we look at abseiling as a very cost effective option and have found, in terms of staff on the ground, that this system saves us from working at crazy anti social hours and has proved extremely efficient all round.

Instead of a broad brush approach to the new fleet we are focusing more carefully on what is best suited to each departments needs, the range of our operations also has to be taken into consideration as we are now covering much more of the U.K. recently we have successfully completed five re-brands for Chartered Surveying practices which have taken us from Cornwall to Lanarkshire.

The converse of this is that our service to property management departments, designers and fit out firms within our customer base is more and more focussed on Central London destinations, with all of the problems related to access and parking; this is proving to be real challenge in order to select a van that can cope with the types of signage involved and the locations, bearing in mind that the same department would be installing large monoliths in a Cambridge Science Park the next day. The answer will be flexibility within the fleet and adaptability among the staff.

By Bob Colwell, MD, Signcraft Ltd.

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Hang out the Flags ... But Where to Find a Flagpole?

It isn't often that most people - or businesses - have to consider having flags made and, even less often, sourcing a company that can supply and erect a flagpole. Never fear, Signcraft is here!

We supply and install flags and flagpoles to suit every environment, including temporary or permanent flags which can enhance any project. Whether you require traditional, side-attached, free-flapping fabric flags or top-and-tail-fixed flag-style placards, we can deliver.

In addition to reproducing your company logo or standard graphics, our advanced digital printing facilities enable us to apply superb high resolution photographic quality images directly onto flags. We also have a design team to create the image for you, as required.

A small selection of photographs illustrating some types of flags and flagpoles can be seen on our web site. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion regarding your potential requirements.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Here at Signcraft, we design, build and install smart and original building signs and architectural sign systems.

Our design and build team love the challenge of something new and have successfully created stunning signage using the latest technologies and materials to produce distinctive landmark signs.

As sign manufacturers we work closely with our clients to ensure our signs deliver real impact. This link ARCHITECTURAL SIGNAGE will take you to our gallery of over 60 images. Contact Bob or Tony @ - 01895 442768 - for more details.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Art for the Workplace

Art has the power to help realise the full potential of individuals, organisations and places.

In addition to our bespoke range of designer wall coverings we are able to produce and manufacture striking images mounted on high quality canvas using our state of the art digital printers.

We have a range of stock images but can also photograph and produce unique images - virtually any size - to clients’ requirements and, using our combination of expertise and resources, we can deliver the power of art anywhere in the world.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Monolithic Signage

Signcraft was asked to design, construct and install a large format monolith sign for an office building.

The set objectives were:
1. landmark the building,
2.  provide a tenant directory,
3. act as a marketing tool.

The result was a sign that looks great and multi-tasks!

It looks easy but experienced design and engineering is required for heavyweight structures. Signcraft's Director Tony White took up the project of creating a 'sign' that looks impressive and performs the multiple functions required ... with style! Tony designed the sign as a tubular steel space frame, clad with aluminium face panels with detachable tenant plates. Signcraft contracted a structural engineer to advise with regard to wind loadings; the foundations were quite substantial and cast in grade 1 concrete. Polystrene blocks were set into the base  to provide holes for the sign legs to be inserted - and were removed once the base had set. The sign was lifted into the block using a crane and fast setting cement slurry was introduced to set the sign permanently. Job done!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Cameron's Corporate Identity Change

Charles Cameron estate agency asked Signcraft to provide a complete corporate change at their head office in West Drayton. The brief included the creation of a new range of signage for the Estate Agent and the make-over was programmed to take place over a long weekend.

The new Charles Cameron image was launched in one seamless operation: the office fascia, internal d├ęcor and displays plus the signage for their first management suite were installed simultaneously, including a complete change of all of their To Let / For Sale / Sold property lettings and sales marketing boards.

The effect was stunning - the use of colour codes for each department worked well and has significantly enhanced the image of a very vibrant agency.

View full story plus images.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Craft of Big Signage

banner wrap image
Banners & Building Wraps from Signcraft.Co.UK
Our client list has a number of high profile corporations - including IBM, BNP Paribas and Tandberg - but we service smaller companies, too, such as local estate agents, commercial agencies, property management companies and chartered surveyors.

A high visibilty aspect of our signage is the large banners and wraps service - designed, printed and placed in some challenging locations.

Take a look at our web site and, if you have a similar requirement, challenge us! We look forward to hearing from you. / 01895 442768 / follow us on

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

You don't have to Abseil to work here

... but it helps!

Some signs are easier than others. Signcraft can certainly deal with very large signage, but attaching it to the required building is not always easy! Take a recent example of an office block in Harrow, Middlesex which rates as one of our major achievements.

A big yellow banner, measuring 19m x 9m, needed to be attached to a building to help market the office space inside. Normally, even at this size, it would be quite straightforward, but the banner's position was directly above a busy bus station which prevented us from using an Aerial platform.

Not to be deterred, Signcraft took on an SAS style role and quite literally abseiled from the roof! Here again, we ran into problems as the work needed to be carried out during the few hours that the buses do not run. Cold and dark but, undaunted, our guys completed the task, leaving an unmissable banner there for all to see the next day.

We wonder if any of the people looking at it realised how it got there.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Digital Revolution - a Sign of the times!

The digital revolution started in the retail and fine arts sector, for the production of point of sale graphics that you see in every major store and for fine art prints, both of which require excellent quality print. Digital printing was able to meet this demand.

To cope with the ever growing demands of the sign industry, this technology was harnessed by the Vutek Company - a very expensive printer was developed, accessible to sign companies mainly through trade print suppliers. As technology was enhanced, became more widely available, smaller and more affordable, this led to the widespread adoption of digital printing.

The first digital printer installed at Signcraft was a converted ink-jet system, used for printing on to poster paper. Unfortunately, the R&D on this equipment was not perfect and a melt down of the ink ducting system resulted in 12 litres of very aggressive and expensive ink covering the brand new print room floor. Moving forward, Signcraft now has a pair of state-of-the art Seiko Colour Painters, currently rated as the best available printers in the field of permanent signage printing.

The changeover to digital print technology has revolutionised the Signcraft production line, increasing output and quality, firmly placing Signcraft at the forefront of property based sign producers.

The advantages to clients are enormous. Logos and colours are guaranteed to be perfect and the general level of finish is exceptional. With the rapid growth of designer led board and banner advertising, this is essential and digital printing has allowed Signcraft to faithfully reproduce very complicated designs, cost-effectively creating stunning signs for every day use.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Aged 36, Signcraft has a makeover!

Signcraft has been in business for 36 years without changing its image but, with the many positive changes happening at Signcraft recently, the time is right.

The new Signcraft logo and corporate style - created in-house by Emma Hunt - brings a clean, fresh, modern 21st Century image to a well established company.

It also makes the most of Signcraft's digital printing facilities.

The new logo is now visible throughout all marketing media, livery and the new fleet of Mercedes trucks.