Thursday, 28 October 2010


Here at Signcraft, we design, build and install smart and original building signs and architectural sign systems.

Our design and build team love the challenge of something new and have successfully created stunning signage using the latest technologies and materials to produce distinctive landmark signs.

As sign manufacturers we work closely with our clients to ensure our signs deliver real impact. This link ARCHITECTURAL SIGNAGE will take you to our gallery of over 60 images. Contact Bob or Tony @ - 01895 442768 - for more details.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Art for the Workplace

Art has the power to help realise the full potential of individuals, organisations and places.

In addition to our bespoke range of designer wall coverings we are able to produce and manufacture striking images mounted on high quality canvas using our state of the art digital printers.

We have a range of stock images but can also photograph and produce unique images - virtually any size - to clients’ requirements and, using our combination of expertise and resources, we can deliver the power of art anywhere in the world.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Monolithic Signage

Signcraft was asked to design, construct and install a large format monolith sign for an office building.

The set objectives were:
1. landmark the building,
2.  provide a tenant directory,
3. act as a marketing tool.

The result was a sign that looks great and multi-tasks!

It looks easy but experienced design and engineering is required for heavyweight structures. Signcraft's Director Tony White took up the project of creating a 'sign' that looks impressive and performs the multiple functions required ... with style! Tony designed the sign as a tubular steel space frame, clad with aluminium face panels with detachable tenant plates. Signcraft contracted a structural engineer to advise with regard to wind loadings; the foundations were quite substantial and cast in grade 1 concrete. Polystrene blocks were set into the base  to provide holes for the sign legs to be inserted - and were removed once the base had set. The sign was lifted into the block using a crane and fast setting cement slurry was introduced to set the sign permanently. Job done!