Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Sign of the Times

**********Season's Greetings *********

We are now closed for the Christmas shut-down and will be returning to the office on Wednesday 4th January 2012. (Please note that any emails will not be read until Wednesday 4th January 2012).

Wishing everyone the best of the festivities and a happy and prosperous 2012, from the staff of

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Retail Parks & Shopping Centre Signage

Q: What kind of company puts up those huge signs for the public to easily spot their destination at a retail park or shopping centre?

A: Signage company, Signcraft.

Q: How do they do it?

A: The structure is secured in place using experienced staff operating specialist equipment and adhering to strict safety guidelines. Using a "cherry-picker", the inner framework is fixed by sign-fitters, as can be seen in the first photograph.

Each of the individual signs have to be mounted to each side of the advertising frame until, finally, the job is completed.

(Note the Signcraft van parked behind the signage, ready to take the fitters home at the end of the day).

Signcraft undertakes all kinds of jobs from large projects to small office graphics - and we deliver throughout Britain.

Take a look at our website:

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Expansion, Recruitment, Trainees, Opportunities in Sign-making and Sign-fitting

Business Update from Signcraft's MD.

We are currently looking for trainee sign fitters to expand our installation teams, and have also looked into offering sign making apprenticeships as growing our business involves people and as a result we are currently re-thinking our recruitment strategy.

We have senior members of staff who joined us as school leavers and have worked the their way up through the company to hold important and well respected positions and, as we have been successful in the past, we think it would be worth while embracing some of the excellent initiatives that are currently available for the training and mentoring of young people.

We have been working with St Modwen plc. to develop a fresh and effective way-finding system for one of their regeneration projects in North London; phase one commences in December followed by the second phase in the New Year.

We have also recently completed two shopping centre refurbishments for Frogmore plc., in Ellesmere Port and Liverpool central, both involved complete signage changes with fresh designs throughout each centre - images will soon be available on our website.

Which finally leads nicely into the website revamp; this has been dragging its heels or, more accurately, both Tony White and myself have been too busy to finalise and sign off on all of the hard work put in by Paul Browne of Oracle Advertising and Barbara Primrose of The BPc Internet presence & website promotion. December will be our target for this final push with a launch in 2012.

Bob Colwell, Managing Director, Signcraft.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Latest Technology Signage Production, working with Traditional Architecture

At Signcraft, we design and manufacture cost-effective signage. Our state of the art technology enables us to create distinctive, stunning and often large modern fascias on buildings - including historic buildings and traditional architecture.

A far cry from traditional signwriting, the results may be achieved with various materials, including perspex, glass, vinyl and metals - and may include electric lighting.

Can modern signage work in a traditional environment?

There are numerous examples that support each side of that debate. For example, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency issued sensible design guidance for new signage on historic buildings, illustrated with photographic evidence.

Our portfolio includes photographs of many styles of fascias we have produced on buildings of various architectural styles. A good example of Signcraft producing traditional signs is illustrated in our Cast Metal signs blog post.

Our range of signage capabilities is extensive and the results of our design-led approach to projects can be seen in on our website,

Friday, 21 October 2011

Signage Services near Heathrow

Our varied signage and sign-related services are grouped as

  • Agency Boards
  • Architectural Signage
  • Banners & Building Wraps
  • Site Development Signage
  • Commercial Property Boards
  • Designer Wall Coverings & Office Art

Contact us for a good quote and a great job!
We look forward to working with you.

The Coach House, St. Stephens Road, Yiewsley, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 7RL
Tel: 01895 442768/ 441740/ 445127 Fax: 01895 442153

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Get Noticed! Signage has significant impact, Westgate Margate.

Project: Design, Build and Retro-fit Signage for College Square Shopping Centre, Hawley Street / Union Row, Westgate On Sea, Margate, Kent CT8 8BW

As part of an ongoing project to revitalise the seaside destination of Margate on the South-East coast of England (which was popular with families in the 1960/70s) Signcraft was commissioned to deliver cost-effective re-branding and spruce up the College Square shopping centre, just 150 metres from the beach.

College Square Shopping Centre, Margate

Signcraft has 40 years' experience of delivering signage that works! Our services encompass Commercial Agency, Architectural Signage, Development and Site Signs, Wayfinding signs, Fascias, Manifestations, VehicleGraphics, Posters, Flags & Flagpoles, Hoardings ... and so much more. Please visit for further information or telephone us to discuss your requirements: 01895 442768/ 441740/ 445127

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Captivating Fascias from Signcraft

We'd like to show off some of the fascia signs that we have created - we can design, manufacture and install fascia signs, tailored to your requirements.

Our strengths are design and innovation combined with traditional skills plus the experience to deliver perfect results, on budget and on time, every time.

Our fascias are designed to be eye-catching as well as cost effective and functional.

(click on these photographs for enlarged images, for the full effect)

Contact us if you may be interested in Fascias or other Signs & Signage.
01895 442768/ 441740/ 445127

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Client Case Study: BNP Paribas Real Estate Signage

When the BNP Paribas group re-branded from Atisreal to BNP Paribas Real Estate, Signcraft was selected change the existing marketing signage to reflect BNP Paribas Real Estate’s new corporate identity.

This was a sizeable job with over 900 sites throughout the UK!

It was the first major task to test our newest flat-bed digital printer which was crucial to maintaining their brand integrity, ensuring consistent colour and image fidelity - all in a very short time frame.

The project was managed by our senior team of dedicated production and installation personnel. This team is at your disposal. Contact us now, on 01895 442768.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Latest News from Signcraft's MD, Bob Colwell.

"We are pleased to announce that Bill Whitenstall has joined our marketing team; with Bill’s experience and good standing within the workplace, he has rapidly made ground in breaking into new markets for us.

Our new website is scheduled to be launched in September and will hopefully be well received by our existing clients as well as any future contacts, our aim is to present a more accurate profile of the company and make it easier to navigate.

We are currently in the process of changing our fleet of vans; staying with Mercedes was a simple choice as the vehicles are superb quality and our staff are extremely pleased to have vehicles that are a pleasure to drive.

The fleet is being branded with our new logo, which has been developed from the old one and will also feature on the new website, all of which has been designed by Paul Browne of Oracle Advertising.

New printing technology is next on our list; we are in negotiations with two primary suppliers with regard to placing a high performance flat bed printer to up-grade our existing print equipment; this will both improve our print quality and speed up our output, this industry is moving a quite a pace and with the up-turn in the market we hope to be well placed to service it."
Bob Colwell,

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Signcraft for Cast Metal Signs

A while back we were commissioned to produce a set of reproduction Victorian road signs for a large cemetery in North London. This involved retrieving one of the old cast iron signs and having new casts made of the supporting legs and a pattern for the style of sign plate.

The individual road names were all created as masters and moulded in sand for the casting process, all very similar to the original process dating back many years, with the exception that the metal we used was a modern alloy and not cast iron.

Since then, we were commissioned to replicate a beautiful cast iron sign which was part of a pair that had been vandalised, which we did in a similar fashion.

The face of the text on all of these signs were hand painted and required a steady hand and a fine sable brush, creating a beautiful hand finished effect.

It was quite nice to break away from modern technology and appreciate the old skills which have really never been bettered, even with modern profile routeing, the finish and feel of the sign could not be replicated entirely.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Commercial Property Boards

Signcraft provides a complete sign and signage service for Commercial Property Agents, Chartered Surveyors and Property Management Companies throughout the UK.

A standard, all inclusive service for Commercial Property Boards, For Sale / To Let notice boards covers free site surveys / meetings and a basic design service.

We also specify, build and install a wide variety of development boards and development signage, carrying out site inspections to assess the best possible presentation of your sign and ensuring that all health and safety issues are met.

Additionally, Signcraft offers a service to obtain planning permission for clients' Development signage, Estate signage, Advertising hoardings and other signage needs.

Plus +++ Signcraft customers have the facility to place orders on-line and to receive emailed photographic confirmation of board installations.

Friday, 8 April 2011

A good month for Signcraft

"We have re-organised the management structure at Signcraft, Tim Dance has now left the company and Jason Hunt has taken his role. Jason has been with the company since the early nineties and has a wealth of knowledge and experience; he brings great management skills and a bright personality into the office. Jason will be working along-side me with a fairly broad brief including technical sales and overall production management.

"We have also promoted Anthony Talbot, our long standing fixing manager, to shadow Tony White in the commercial agency and development board division. Anthony is very experienced and has worked his way from the workshop floor as a school leaver to a trusted and influential managerial role; he will be organising the staff and production for one of our busiest departments. Anthony has a great rapport with many of our clients and is a true Company man with great pride and enthusiasm in everything he does.

"We have recruited a new member to our architectural fixing team: Gary Newton has joined us - he has a great pedigree within the industry and we are very pleased to have him aboard. Gary has relocated to London from Lancashire, which strangely brings me to the issue of local recruitment.

"We have other vacancies, locally advertised, to increase our staffing levels as we find ourselves moving out of recession.

"We have recently taken delivery of the first of our replacement vans, staying with Mercedes has given us stability at a cost but we feel that value for money in the current market place is important. Also, Mercedes has increased the fuel efficiency of the latest models and as there would appear to be no quarter from the government of fuel tax, this become more important than ever.

"We are in the process of having a new website created to enhance our marketing strategy, which in turn will lead to a refreshing of the company logo, which is perfect timing with the new vans coming on stream, so watch this space!"

Robert Colwell, Managing Director

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Manifestation Graphics on Glass, Windows, Doors ...

Specialist vinyl graphics for glass are referred to as Manifestation Graphics. They provide a flexible, low cost alternative to traditional acid etching or sand blasting large areas of glass, such as shop windows.

The effect can be amazing! Signcraft can create bespoke original manifestation graphic designs for glass doors, windows, partitions and glazed walling, internally and externally - including full colour graphics.

Commercially, manifestation graphics are used to comply with legal requirements but with a little imagination, designs can include company logo or promotional images on glass, wherever there is an opportunity.

Computer generated window graphic designs are plotter-cut on specialist in-house equipment and may be applied to rigid clear acrylic panels and mirrors as well as glass.

Visit Signcraft for all your commercial graphics needs.

Call 01895 442768 / 01895 441740 / 01895 445127 or email Bob or Tony for further details.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Vehicle Graphics - Advertising On The Move!

Signcraft graphics can be applied to just about anything.

For example, our vehicle graphics can be seen on white lorries, silver vans and black minis - plus everything in between and beyond!

And, while some of our customers have used our services just for their vehicles, many have contracted us to deliver a complete project.

We often work on projects that begin with a design which is then developed into signage for building fascias, window graphics, internal office signage & wall art, advertising posters, various displays and, of course, vehicle livery - the mobile advertisement.

We understand the importance of your livery to create a positive image and we are highly capable of helping you to design and apply your graphics.

Signcraft have been appointed as the main provider of vehicle graphics for Mercedes vans and trucks in the Heathrow area, which reflects the level of quality we are able to provide.

We understand the importance of your livery to create a positive image and we are highly capable of helping you to design and apply your graphics.
Signcraft have been appointed as the main provider of vehicle graphics for Mercedes vans and trucks in the Heathrow area, which reflects the level of quality we are able to provide.

Trust Signcraft to convey your mobile message to the world.

Telephone 01895 442768 / 441740 / 445127

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

For Sale - Commercial Property Sign Boards

Signcraft provides a complete service for Commercial Property Agents, Chartered Surveyors and Property Management Companies on a nationwide basis.

Our standard, all inclusive cost of Commercial Property Boards, For Sale / To Let boards includes site surveys, meetings and a basic design service. Our customers can place orders online via the website and receive emailed photographic confirmation of board installations.

Signcraft's enthusiastic and well organised team takes care of every aspect of your signage order.

Email or Call Signcraft today. Telephone 01895 442768 / 441740 / 445127

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Tetley's Cup of Tea

TATA Global Beverages has acquired Tetley GB, one of our long standing clients; Signcraft has assisted Tetley through two corporate identity changes and the re-signing of their depots on a nationwide basis.

The Tetley Tea Gang
Our recent brief from TATA was to fulfil a project at their UK head office, by designing and implementing a variety of digital wall coverings and canvas wall art. The staff were consulted and had an opportunity to select their designs. Emma Hunt Design was retained to intemperate and co-ordinate this and the results have been quite amazing.

The company’s international directional themes were used as a basis for decorating common areas such as stairwells and walk ways, whereas the individual departments were allowed to lift the general mood of their floors with designs that they felt suited their functionality.

Tetley is part of TATA Global Beverages
Signcraft is now engaged in re-signing the exterior of the building in order to present a positive brand message as well as assisting people to negotiate the complex.

We have a number of case studies on our website

Friday, 21 January 2011

Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre, Bournemouth

Signcraft was appointed to re-brand Dalkeith Arcade, a medium sized retail centre in the heart of Bournemouth. Home to Wilkinson, Lidl, Peacocks and others, the area is now the Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre.

Previously, the centre was unattractive and dated - our job was to create a brand identity to revitalise the building and implement it in three stages.

Starting with the interior, our new banners are on display; we have transformed the ground and first floor malls with high energy and very effective signage, working with Emma Hunt Design who created the identity.

The second phase was to create and install an effective way-finding system from the local authority's Richmond Gardens multi storey car park that is annexed to the shopping centre, to encourage people to visit the stores. The main brief here was to concentrate footfall from the parking area into the malls; working in tandem with the local authority we have signed the car
park with bright easy to follow signage that promotes the new name and logo.

The on-going final phase is the external signage, here again we are regenerating the old signage, using the new name and image in a most effective manner to raise the street appeal and general awareness of the centre.

Signage is a powerful medium for information, messages and creating a specific environment. Signcraft is experienced in helping clients deliver. Visit our website or give us a call to discuss your signs and signage.
01895 442768/ 441740/ 445127

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wall art design - Signcraft has it covered

Tata Global Beverages chose Signcraft to design and install wall art for their UK office.

We have developed and delivered a range of digital wall coverings and printed canvases throughout four floors of Tata's Greenford site. Adept at providing large format designs and photo images for meeting rooms and reception areas for a variety of clients, this is our first entire building project.

Bob Colwell said "The challenge of meeting the client's criteria with good design and finish was by far the hardest element of the project and required more time than the rollout of the work. We are finding increasingly that the demand for highly visual pieces of work is becoming more regular as business environments are becoming more demanding of their fit out partners to deliver new and interesting mediums."

Signcraft will produce high quality wall mounted canvases through to customised wall coverings in accordance with client's requirements.
Olympic stadium wall covering
in Signcraft's Meeting Room

A range of examples can be found in various galleries on

  • Digital Wall Coverings
  • Wall Mounted Canvasses
  • Posters & Displays