Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wall art design - Signcraft has it covered

Tata Global Beverages chose Signcraft to design and install wall art for their UK office.

We have developed and delivered a range of digital wall coverings and printed canvases throughout four floors of Tata's Greenford site. Adept at providing large format designs and photo images for meeting rooms and reception areas for a variety of clients, this is our first entire building project.

Bob Colwell said "The challenge of meeting the client's criteria with good design and finish was by far the hardest element of the project and required more time than the rollout of the work. We are finding increasingly that the demand for highly visual pieces of work is becoming more regular as business environments are becoming more demanding of their fit out partners to deliver new and interesting mediums."

Signcraft will produce high quality wall mounted canvases through to customised wall coverings in accordance with client's requirements.
Olympic stadium wall covering
in Signcraft's Meeting Room

A range of examples can be found in various galleries on

  • Digital Wall Coverings
  • Wall Mounted Canvasses
  • Posters & Displays