Friday, 8 April 2011

A good month for Signcraft

"We have re-organised the management structure at Signcraft, Tim Dance has now left the company and Jason Hunt has taken his role. Jason has been with the company since the early nineties and has a wealth of knowledge and experience; he brings great management skills and a bright personality into the office. Jason will be working along-side me with a fairly broad brief including technical sales and overall production management.

"We have also promoted Anthony Talbot, our long standing fixing manager, to shadow Tony White in the commercial agency and development board division. Anthony is very experienced and has worked his way from the workshop floor as a school leaver to a trusted and influential managerial role; he will be organising the staff and production for one of our busiest departments. Anthony has a great rapport with many of our clients and is a true Company man with great pride and enthusiasm in everything he does.

"We have recruited a new member to our architectural fixing team: Gary Newton has joined us - he has a great pedigree within the industry and we are very pleased to have him aboard. Gary has relocated to London from Lancashire, which strangely brings me to the issue of local recruitment.

"We have other vacancies, locally advertised, to increase our staffing levels as we find ourselves moving out of recession.

"We have recently taken delivery of the first of our replacement vans, staying with Mercedes has given us stability at a cost but we feel that value for money in the current market place is important. Also, Mercedes has increased the fuel efficiency of the latest models and as there would appear to be no quarter from the government of fuel tax, this become more important than ever.

"We are in the process of having a new website created to enhance our marketing strategy, which in turn will lead to a refreshing of the company logo, which is perfect timing with the new vans coming on stream, so watch this space!"

Robert Colwell, Managing Director