Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Signcraft for Cast Metal Signs

A while back we were commissioned to produce a set of reproduction Victorian road signs for a large cemetery in North London. This involved retrieving one of the old cast iron signs and having new casts made of the supporting legs and a pattern for the style of sign plate.

The individual road names were all created as masters and moulded in sand for the casting process, all very similar to the original process dating back many years, with the exception that the metal we used was a modern alloy and not cast iron.

Since then, we were commissioned to replicate a beautiful cast iron sign which was part of a pair that had been vandalised, which we did in a similar fashion.

The face of the text on all of these signs were hand painted and required a steady hand and a fine sable brush, creating a beautiful hand finished effect.

It was quite nice to break away from modern technology and appreciate the old skills which have really never been bettered, even with modern profile routeing, the finish and feel of the sign could not be replicated entirely.