Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Expansion, Recruitment, Trainees, Opportunities in Sign-making and Sign-fitting

Business Update from Signcraft's MD.

We are currently looking for trainee sign fitters to expand our installation teams, and have also looked into offering sign making apprenticeships as growing our business involves people and as a result we are currently re-thinking our recruitment strategy.

We have senior members of staff who joined us as school leavers and have worked the their way up through the company to hold important and well respected positions and, as we have been successful in the past, we think it would be worth while embracing some of the excellent initiatives that are currently available for the training and mentoring of young people.

We have been working with St Modwen plc. to develop a fresh and effective way-finding system for one of their regeneration projects in North London; phase one commences in December followed by the second phase in the New Year.

We have also recently completed two shopping centre refurbishments for Frogmore plc., in Ellesmere Port and Liverpool central, both involved complete signage changes with fresh designs throughout each centre - images will soon be available on our website.

Which finally leads nicely into the website revamp; this has been dragging its heels or, more accurately, both Tony White and myself have been too busy to finalise and sign off on all of the hard work put in by Paul Browne of Oracle Advertising and Barbara Primrose of The BPc Internet presence & website promotion. December will be our target for this final push with a launch in 2012.

Bob Colwell, Managing Director, Signcraft.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Latest Technology Signage Production, working with Traditional Architecture

At Signcraft, we design and manufacture cost-effective signage. Our state of the art technology enables us to create distinctive, stunning and often large modern fascias on buildings - including historic buildings and traditional architecture.

A far cry from traditional signwriting, the results may be achieved with various materials, including perspex, glass, vinyl and metals - and may include electric lighting.

Can modern signage work in a traditional environment?

There are numerous examples that support each side of that debate. For example, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency issued sensible design guidance for new signage on historic buildings, illustrated with photographic evidence.

Our portfolio includes photographs of many styles of fascias we have produced on buildings of various architectural styles. A good example of Signcraft producing traditional signs is illustrated in our Cast Metal signs blog post.

Our range of signage capabilities is extensive and the results of our design-led approach to projects can be seen in on our website, www.signcraft.co.uk.