Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Sign of the Times

**********Season's Greetings *********

We are now closed for the Christmas shut-down and will be returning to the office on Wednesday 4th January 2012. (Please note that any emails will not be read until Wednesday 4th January 2012).

Wishing everyone the best of the festivities and a happy and prosperous 2012, from the staff of

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Retail Parks & Shopping Centre Signage

Q: What kind of company puts up those huge signs for the public to easily spot their destination at a retail park or shopping centre?

A: Signage company, Signcraft.

Q: How do they do it?

A: The structure is secured in place using experienced staff operating specialist equipment and adhering to strict safety guidelines. Using a "cherry-picker", the inner framework is fixed by sign-fitters, as can be seen in the first photograph.

Each of the individual signs have to be mounted to each side of the advertising frame until, finally, the job is completed.

(Note the Signcraft van parked behind the signage, ready to take the fitters home at the end of the day).

Signcraft undertakes all kinds of jobs from large projects to small office graphics - and we deliver throughout Britain.

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