Thursday, 23 February 2012


Signcraft has invested in sound training for our staff, who are experienced and enthusiastic, each vehicle having a team of two who are tasked with dealing with as many issues at source as is possible, in order to minimise time loss and ensuring the best possible presentation of the signs.

We have also invested in UV digital printing to reduce the use of damaging solvents associated with conventional digital printing which is way ahead of EU legislation that we know will be coming into force in the future.

Thirdly, we have invested in and are about to launch a new website on the world ... watch this space for more news!

p.s. Website launched ...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Commercial Agency Property Sign Boards - Innovative Upgrade, Building on Tradition

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Commercial agency sign boards, “For Sale” or “To Let” signs on offices, retail or other commercial buildings have seen little change in recent times. Typically constructed from timber frames with thin plastic faces replacing the previously used hardboard faces, this traditional method has lasted a number of years. Such cumbersome and wieldy signs have been largely accepted as fit for purpose and many are still made this way by some suppliers, often fixed to the buildings with nails.

Here at Signcraft, we have developed a readily re-cycleable all-plastic sign board, using specially sourced industrial grade fluted plastic, resulting in a board that is lighter and, consequently, easier to handle and safer in the event of unforseen accidents.

A number of our competitors re-use wooden framed agency boards by changing the top message, a practice that was universal within the industry for years. We believe that it is not a safe practice to re-use damaged or weakened framework, therefore we only use signs on a one time basis; this helps to ensure that the product is fit for use and will remain in good condition for the full year that we cover it under our public liability insurance.

On the subject of safe installations, our policy is not to use nails when installing - we always secure the signs properly using screws. This process not only meets with our strict health and safety code but ensures minimal damage to the property and has proven to be far safer in storm conditions, extensively reducing incidents of damage and injury.

Visit the Signcraft website for more information on commercial agency property sign boards.