Thursday, 11 December 2014


Please note that we shall be closed for business Fri 19th December to Monday 5th January. We wish all our clients, followers and friends a very merry Christmas, a happy New Year and a prosperous 2015.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Business Signage Services

Signcraft is an established small business that provides quality printing services on all kinds of media to produce hoardings, flags, plaques, signboards and much more, including streamlined services for property boards for estate agents, property developers, management and lettings companies.

Their nationwide signage service includes transportation, erection and lighting systems.

The case studies on Signcraft’s website provide a small example of Signcraft’s business signage services, including:
  • Large metal signage and hoardings in a busy London station 
  • Fascias for Shops, Estate Agents and other commercial centres 
  • Retail park and Shopping centre signage - covers a number of items from way-finding to banners to lighting: Bournemouth / Kent / Bedford
  • Printed aluminium hoardings, large ‘landmarking’ signage and monoliths

Not to mention flags and flagpoles, vehicle graphics and a number of unusual projects for the film industry. Lots more interesting information in the Signcraft News section, too.

Get in touch on 01895 442768.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Commercial Property Agents: For Sale / To Let Boards

Busy Commercial Property Agents, Chartered Surveyors and Property Management Companies order their boards from Signcraft for a number of reasons:

  • We provide a complete Commercial Agency board service throughout the UK & we  provide a fast turn-round.
  • Our standard package for Commercial Property boards, For Sale boards and To Let boards includes site surveys, face-to-face meetings and our basic design service.
  • We have an enthusiastic and well organised team ready to take care of every aspect of your sign order, from first receipt of your order to erecting your signage.
  • Signcraft customers can place orders quickly and easily online and we will email confirmation of board installations, complete with photographs!

A leading signage company with two generations of experience, Signcraft has continually invested in new, high quality technology and diversified our service areas to ride fluctuations in the fortunes of various market sectors.

Contact Signcraft for a better all-round experience:

  • Fast turn-round of Property Signboard orders
  • Great value with an all in cost option to create the Board and Slips
  • including erection and removal - Nationwide coverage
  • Durable, modern, safe and environmentally sustainable products
  • Bespoke design included when required - all layouts and proofs included in our costs
  • Full range of property board services and products, from basic marketing boards to banners, flags and large format signage and hoardings.
  • Print & deliver only or full erection service, as required.
  • Members of the Safe Contractor scheme.

We are brilliant at this type of work! We track jobs, send photos of completed work, liaise with tenants and/or owners and collect and return keys.

What are you waiting for??? Call 01895 442768

Monday, 1 September 2014

Announcing New Vehicle Wrap Service

Signcraft is launching a new department, designing and applying vehicle wraps.

We will undertake to create wraps for both commercial vehicles and cars, offering a design-through-to-completion service.

Staff training has been completed and so has our first wrap project.

We are also launching a fresh graphic on our new fleet of vehicles, which will involve wrapping the vans and therefore advertising the quality of our new service.

We'll be sporting our new design soon. Do look out for the new Signcraft vans...

Monday, 4 August 2014

Signage & Hoardings in the Public Eye

We have a selection of photographs from around the London area that are good examples of our work being seen in public... here are a couple of examples:

Signcraft - Sloane Street, London
Sloane Square, London
Boggi sign - Signcraft

Signcraft teams printed and erected the hoardings for Boggi (men's contemporary Italian fashion) whilst work was going on behind the scenes to prepare their shop off Sloane Square in London. We also created internal signage.

Signcraft was part of the major corporate identity project undertaken by UK construction company, Osborne, creating logos for their offices and hoardings for display around their work sites. Details are on our website, see Signcraft's case studies.

Osborne sign - Signcraft

Signcraft - Waterloo Station, London
Waterloo Station, London

As always, if you'd like to discuss your projects with us, contact Tony White (building signage) or Bob Colwell (graphic design)  on 01895 442768

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Behind the Signs

Commercial and residential development:

Sign under construction.
Note that the sign will be extended on the right.
We have from day one specialised in large format marketing signage for the property sector and have noticed a distinct up-turn in orders along with the improvement of the economy, this work is Nationwide and often involves sending teams out for a week at a time, to cast foundations and build frames to support the signage.

This is usually hard and taxing work as the site conditions are often sparse and quite isolated. We have recently completed erecting large signage at sites in Swansea and Newport in South Wales.

Retail signage:

We have been fairly active in the area of retail signage, recently. Creating high end signage is enjoyable and demands a high degree of skill and innovation. From design to installation, we pride ourselves in being meticulous in every detail.Take a look at our services - which ones may interest you?
Or call us on 01895 442768.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Commercial and Residential Signage

House of Fisher signage by
The boom in converting commercial offices into residential apartments and hotels has been embraced by quite a few of our clients. Signcraft has recently completed signage for one such conversion in the centre of Reading.

Our client, in this instance, has created a superb environment in the heart of the city, with suites and rooms finished to an extremely high standard for modern apart-hotel living.

We were fortunate to be involved with signing the building, both internally and externally, aiding the design team and the architect to turn the fa├žade of a fairly bland office block into an inviting and pleasant hotel.

Our signs included: soft drape banners, a typical reception canopy and a main identity sign to landmark the building. The building is artistically illuminated with coloured LED lighting and the signage has been illuminated with a blend of halo and fret cut illumination.

The interior signage was created in the client's now established style; simple yet effective informative and way-finding signs, designed to assist the flow of visitors and guests between floors as well as on each floor.

Signcraft is able to undertake a range of large or small signage projects, nationwide. Contact us to discuss your requirements 01895 442768.

Monday, 12 May 2014

♪ ♫ It's Fun to Shop at the RSPCA

RSPCA shop fascia
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals originated in 1824 and became 'Royal' in 1840, thanks to Queen Victoria. Its primary mission is to prevent cruelty to animals: pets, working animals, farmed animals, wild animals and those in research.

Many of the their branches carry out their welfare work and there are over 200 RSPCA shops that help raise money for the charity.

Recently, following a decision to rebrand those shops to encourage customers to support their fundraising efforts, the RSPCA commissioned Signcraft to produce new signage and replace the shop fascias.

It's what we do... and if you'd like us to quote for your signage, please contact us on 01895 442768 or via the website:

Friday, 14 March 2014

Enhancing Glass Panels and Doors with Corporate Branding

Natural light is recognised as important to the well-being of staff and, as a consequence, glass partitions are popular to divide large spaces in offices, restaurants and other establishments. Additionally, external covered spaces, including cloisters, are being made more useable by adding retractable glass enclosures.

Adding a company name or logo to the glass panels needs to be in keeping with the original reasons for using glass, whether those reasons are light-flow or aesthetic elegance. We offer a range of options at Signcraft, including glass manifestations. There is a practical aspect, too: clean glass is hard to see and hard on the nose if someone walks into them.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a branding exercise but why not take advantage of a little extra publicity! For further details, contact Signcraft on 01895 442768