Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Vehicle Wraps are the latest fashion!!

Following on from our announcement last September, we have been vehicle wrapping cars and vans in all colours and designs. We are pleased to show you a few finished projects below and provide a link to our website where you can view more images and read about our service.

Whether you want a fleet of vehicles draped with your corporate message or just want to change that orange Porsche to lime green or tartan, we can accommodate your design with a full or partial wrap.

Design for full Vehicle Wrap

Partial Wrap - Bumper - close up

Full Vehicle Wrap from black to red bodywork

An advantage of wrapping your vehicles in logos, QR codes, product images, etc. is that your message or brand is advertised wherever the vehicle travels or is parked! It is quite possibly the cheapest form of long-term advertising reach that you will find!

The other great thing is, wraps can be reversed and replaced with no damage to the vehicles! Talk to us if you have any questions.

Signcraft Vehicle Wrapping Service. Go on... you know you want to!