Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Monolithic Signage

Signcraft was asked to design, construct and install a large format monolith sign for an office building.

The set objectives were:
1. landmark the building,
2.  provide a tenant directory,
3. act as a marketing tool.

The result was a sign that looks great and multi-tasks!

It looks easy but experienced design and engineering is required for heavyweight structures. Signcraft's Director Tony White took up the project of creating a 'sign' that looks impressive and performs the multiple functions required ... with style! Tony designed the sign as a tubular steel space frame, clad with aluminium face panels with detachable tenant plates. Signcraft contracted a structural engineer to advise with regard to wind loadings; the foundations were quite substantial and cast in grade 1 concrete. Polystrene blocks were set into the base  to provide holes for the sign legs to be inserted - and were removed once the base had set. The sign was lifted into the block using a crane and fast setting cement slurry was introduced to set the sign permanently. Job done!