Thursday, 3 November 2011

Latest Technology Signage Production, working with Traditional Architecture

At Signcraft, we design and manufacture cost-effective signage. Our state of the art technology enables us to create distinctive, stunning and often large modern fascias on buildings - including historic buildings and traditional architecture.

A far cry from traditional signwriting, the results may be achieved with various materials, including perspex, glass, vinyl and metals - and may include electric lighting.

Can modern signage work in a traditional environment?

There are numerous examples that support each side of that debate. For example, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency issued sensible design guidance for new signage on historic buildings, illustrated with photographic evidence.

Our portfolio includes photographs of many styles of fascias we have produced on buildings of various architectural styles. A good example of Signcraft producing traditional signs is illustrated in our Cast Metal signs blog post.

Our range of signage capabilities is extensive and the results of our design-led approach to projects can be seen in on our website,