Friday, 16 March 2012

How Signcraft Produces Highest Quality Resolution for Clients' Projects

Staying ahead with new print technology is vital, not only to retain existing clients and provide the best possible service, but to encourage new clients to work with us.

hoarding panel
We noticed an increasing demand for ultra high resolution images so we determined to identify the most efficient and sharp digital printer available at a sustainable cost. On our short list was the newest generation Seiko W64S which we decided on, in part because we had confidence in the company's products, having had two early Seiko 64S machines that proved reliable for a number of years.

The colour gambit and resolution quality of the W64S is comparable with photographic images, which enables us to produce signage of the highest quality. We have found it easy to use and have also noticed benefits in production speed and reduced environmental impact.

high resolution print
We have included some photographs for you but these have been optimised for the internet so, unfortunately, the quality cannot be seen via your computer screen.

At Signcraft, we operate both flat bed technology and roll to roll technology to enhance the services we provide for our discerning clientèle.

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