Monday, 9 August 2010

Digital Revolution - a Sign of the times!

The digital revolution started in the retail and fine arts sector, for the production of point of sale graphics that you see in every major store and for fine art prints, both of which require excellent quality print. Digital printing was able to meet this demand.

To cope with the ever growing demands of the sign industry, this technology was harnessed by the Vutek Company - a very expensive printer was developed, accessible to sign companies mainly through trade print suppliers. As technology was enhanced, became more widely available, smaller and more affordable, this led to the widespread adoption of digital printing.

The first digital printer installed at Signcraft was a converted ink-jet system, used for printing on to poster paper. Unfortunately, the R&D on this equipment was not perfect and a melt down of the ink ducting system resulted in 12 litres of very aggressive and expensive ink covering the brand new print room floor. Moving forward, Signcraft now has a pair of state-of-the art Seiko Colour Painters, currently rated as the best available printers in the field of permanent signage printing.

The changeover to digital print technology has revolutionised the Signcraft production line, increasing output and quality, firmly placing Signcraft at the forefront of property based sign producers.

The advantages to clients are enormous. Logos and colours are guaranteed to be perfect and the general level of finish is exceptional. With the rapid growth of designer led board and banner advertising, this is essential and digital printing has allowed Signcraft to faithfully reproduce very complicated designs, cost-effectively creating stunning signs for every day use.