Wednesday, 18 August 2010

You don't have to Abseil to work here

... but it helps!

Some signs are easier than others. Signcraft can certainly deal with very large signage, but attaching it to the required building is not always easy! Take a recent example of an office block in Harrow, Middlesex which rates as one of our major achievements.

A big yellow banner, measuring 19m x 9m, needed to be attached to a building to help market the office space inside. Normally, even at this size, it would be quite straightforward, but the banner's position was directly above a busy bus station which prevented us from using an Aerial platform.

Not to be deterred, Signcraft took on an SAS style role and quite literally abseiled from the roof! Here again, we ran into problems as the work needed to be carried out during the few hours that the buses do not run. Cold and dark but, undaunted, our guys completed the task, leaving an unmissable banner there for all to see the next day.

We wonder if any of the people looking at it realised how it got there.